Réalisation : Christophe Merle
Drone : Drone MC

“Discovery of the month” by Rock Hard magazine

“IN A CELL” / Single by Schrodinger

Stream it on Spotify : https://sptfy.com/inacell

Stream it Deezer : https://bit.ly/3reht8W

Digital download : https://bit.ly/3aqSiJu

Download our 1st EP : https://bit.ly/39FNFMs

Mixed and mastered by David Thiers at Secret Place Studio

Director: Julien Aldeguer

Photography, shooting and editing: Christophe Merle / Drone MC

Music by Schrodinger & Julien Aldeguer
Lyrics by Adnane Tellou

Producers : Adnane Tellou, Guillaume Marill, Julien Aldeguer

Main male character: Alann Lecossec
Main female character: Manon Ugo
Boyfriend: Raph Ald
Policeman 1: Vincent Lambert
Policeman 2: Ismael Rafaï
Victims at the dinners : Dalian Parthenay, Théo Altekker
Victims at the supermarket: Céline Cabon, Alex Ornon
Make Up Artist: Julia Marquet

Extra thanks: Arno Strobl, Morgan Rivalin and Rock Hard team, Cyril Glaume, Loick Ozenof, David Thiers, Yohan, Anna-Paula Ramos, María José Humanes Pavón, Alix Mozin, Conesa, Tugdual “Le Duc” Monestiez, Cathy Wehrlein, Dalian Parthenay, Céline Cabon, Christophe Merle Young, Thibault Caligaris, Benjamin Bachelard, the supermarket team. And a special “special thanks” to all of you who support the band, we know who you are.

Get your copy of SANTA SIERRA (1st EP) :
Physical (CD): http://bit.ly/ssierra-cd

Digital download : http://bit.ly/ssierradl

Schrodinger is :

Julien Aldeguer : Guitar
Adnane Tellou : Vocals
Guillaume Marill : Bass
Rémi Sérafinoo : Drums


Hope is nothing but a lie
Haunting me and my dreams
I don’t know what I’m looking for,
Something too small to see
Holding it too long

Sitting and waiting alone
Nothing’s about to change
Faith is the limit to your numb balls

Then she came asking me out tomorrow
Happy she asked, so I leave her out
Don’t you know I don’t know what I’m looking for!

Weekends are full of sorrow
Hold my hand and take me for a ride
Don’t you break my heart I’m so alone, NO!
I don’t need you now at all!

So she came asking me out tomorrow
Load it up, let it out, don’t forget what she said
So she came in this time full of sorrow
Don’t you know I don’t know what i’m looking for!

Stay still, hiding intention of a lost pain
Peacefully I’m gone away
She’s so hot and you know you won’t get her
She’s so hot and you know you won’t get her

Fear will drive your every day
MK on my shoulder
Obnoxious frustrated endanger

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